Our Firm

MCOY ABOGADOS is the law firm resulting from the merger of Martínez del Campo Abogados firm with Obregón and Yamazaki Abogados, with origins that date back to 1952 and 1962, respectively as well as with the addition of Alejandro Cárdenas Eychenne who has the leadership of the intellectual property practice. The excellent trajectory of both the firms and the individuals in the field of legal consulting, forensic practice, litigation and legal solutions to the client’s needs and demands, now united, make of MCOY one of the most attractive and effective offers in legal services in the market.

MCOY ABOGADOS prides on giving personalized service and attention to the clients, providing them with professional attention focused on their particular needs. We focus on service, constantly privileging theoretical and practical solutions that aggregate value to the productive activities of our clients. Legal excellence is our constant pursuit. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and constantly at the forefront of legal events, legal trends, not only in our country but also internationally, as well as of legislative changes and the decisions of the Courts, distinguishing ourselves for the creativity of our proposals and solutions.

For the purpose of creating strong and trust based relationships, the firm focuses on an integral and comprehensive study of cases entrusted to us, so that clients can consult and receive attention from each one of the partners and lawyers conforming the firm, who will always be prompt to propose alternatives and solutions to suit their needs. We care about maintaining with our clients a strong and trustful working relationship where, in addition to our knowledge and experience, they have the security of counting on each one of the people comprising our work team. This team, MCOY ABOGADOS, consists of people with high human and moral quality, dedication, commitment, service attitude and formidable academic and practical preparation, as well as being integrated with a perfect combination of experience and youth. It is precisely this fantastic human resource which the firm renders and places at the service of our society!

MCOY ABOGADOS serves a variety of clients, both domestic and international, dedicated to all industries. We pride ourselves on practicing law as a social science, based on mutual loyalty between clients and the firm. Our firm has the philosophy of personalized service, which all of the firm members share. In addition, we adhere unreservedly to the principles and standards constituent to ethics, looking for a social benefit through common good. Our legal practice, in all its branches, should always seek to contribute not only to the correct performance of our clients and their business, but also benefit to our country, our community, our families and the personal development and growth of each member of our great team of work.